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Become an Expert Card Game Reviewer with These Tips!

By Tom Seest

What Makes A Great Card Game Review?

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The theme is one of the cornerstones of gaming and what sets each title apart from another. This broad term encompasses more than just rules and mechanics; it encompasses creative aspects like artwork, setting, and story arc. Some titles place more focus on their theme, while others may not pay as much heed to it at all.
Some games, like Century: Spice Road and War of the Ring, feature a strong theme that’s evident in their gameplay mechanics – this means they do a fantastic job at drawing out their narrative and creating an immersive experience for players. Other popular titles like Love Letter may not feature such strong themes, yet they remain immensely popular due to their engaging and addictive gameplay experience.
There is an integral element of any game, and it can often be hard to pin down. Some titles will feature clear connections to their themes, while others might use them simply to shape the appearance and feel of the game. Furthermore, the theme can help promote sales as it encourages people to purchase your product more.

What Makes A Great Card Game Review?

What Makes A Great Card Game Review?

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